What To Know Before You Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

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Diamond engagement rings are not small investments. These rings can reach astronomical prices depending on the size of the diamond and multiple other factors. Watch this video for a breakdown of what you should know before buying any diamond engagement rings.

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The first thing you should find out is what style suits the wearer. Diamond engagement rings come in a plethora of different styles and finding which one matches your partner the best can be a tough task. Do they like flashy jewelry? Are they more reserved? Do they want a traditional style or something newer? These are all questions that a jeweler can help you figure out.

Another important piece of diamond engagement rings is the type of stone you choose. Diamonds can vary depending on carat size so choosing which one you think is the right choice can be tricky. As the carat size goes up, so does the price so this should always be kept in mind. A quality 1.5-carat diamond can cost upwards of $6,000. This is by no means a cheap decision, so be sure to go over the details of your stone selection with your jeweler.

With any more questions regarding diamond engagement rings, reach out to your local jeweler today.

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