Why is American Healthcare so Expensive?

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If you ask around, chances are you will find somebody who has something similar to the following story. “I was injured, and I needed to go to the hospital. I had to wait forever for my friend to drive me because the cost of an ambulance ride, even for a few minutes, is too much for me to afford.” This story is always disturbing to hear, especially when someone is in a time of distress. There have even been cases where people have been passed out, but strictly tell their family to not order an ambulance.

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It is simply heartbreaking, but why is this so? This video looks into why American healthcare is so costly.

American healthcare is not only costly to people’s wallets, but it also weighs on people mental health as well. Being afraid of getting injured for fear of hospital fees and ambulance fees is a common feeling amongst middle-class and working-class Americans. The medical bills of a single accident can put somebody in more debt than they ever thought. How do other countries handle this problem? The video helps to explain what makes the American system different, and what we can do to potentially change it.


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