How To Pawn Your Jewelry For the Money Its Worth

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Have extra jewelry that you don’t wear anymore and want to pawn off your jewelry? Go through your jewelry and figure out what you can pawn. Keep in mind that there is a possibility that you will not get your jewelry back, so don’t choose anything valuable to you.

Make sure your jewelry is clean and spotless before taking it to a pawn shop. Focus on all areas of the jewelry, especially diamonds and stones because these areas are a place for dirt and grime to hide.

Rinse off the jewelry after washing it with the cleaning solutions. Make sure to be careful when drying off your jewelry because many pieces of jewelry are delicate and you don’t want to damage them before going to a pawn shop.

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If you have any of the original receipts or appraisals, these are great documents to bring to the pawn shop. These as well as anything that can describe the pawn jewelry and what it is made out of and how many carats it is. This can help the pawn shop get a sense of what you’re trying to pawn off to them.


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