A Beginners Guide to Pawning Gold

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The video is about pawning gold, and it gives many tips and pointers for people who may have inherited gold and are thinking about selling it. One thing the speaker tells the viewers is that gold prices fluctuate. Therefore, the person should research the market daily to see if gold prices are where he or she wants them to be.

The second tip is that the person needs to find out the karat of the gold.

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The karat of gold measures its purity, and that’s crucial to know for pricing and expectation purposes. The purest karat of gold is 24, and that’s also crucial for an individual to know. The karat is usually marked on the inside, and it may be in a three-digit hallmark number or a regular number.

Another thing the speaker thinks is important for viewers to know is that karats should not be mixed when pawning. The items should be separated by karat and handed to the pawnshop separately to avoid getting lowballed. Sometimes, the pawnbrokers measure the weight of the items and then offer a price based on the lowest karat. That’s why it’s important to separate them by karat. Interested people can learn more from this experienced person by watching the video.

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