What You Should Know Before Visiting A Pawn Shop

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If you want to know the similarities between a coin and a bar in a typical silver pawn shop and which one to choose, we’ll discuss it further. It is essential to learn more about these precious metals.

Similarities of Coins and Bars:

1. Whether they are manufactured by a sovereign mint, private mint, or a refinery, both coins and bars tell you who manufactured the product.
2. Both finished products of coin and bars tell you how much it weighs.

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3. Each coin and bar should state its purity of it. In most cases, it will either be three nines or four nines.
4. By looking, it will tell you what the product is made of when it is silver or gold, it is pretty distinguishable.

Gold vs. Silver: Which ones to choose?

Tip #1: Gold has a lower premium than silver.
Tip #2: Bars have a lower premium than coins.
Tip #3: As you go further in size, you will pay less for an ounce of silver or gold.

The truth about liquidity:

There’s a misconception out there among a group of silver pawnshop owners and buyers that bars are less liquid than coins; what this tells us is that people believe that buying a coin and selling it is much easier and more profitable than buying and selling gold bars which are not true. The truth is, it is equally to buy and sell each one of them.


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