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Your Finances Should Be In Your Control Opt for a Lump Sum Payment

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Cash for annuity now

So you’ve finally struck it big and won the lottery. You’re already dreaming of all the ways you’re going to spend your millions — until you realize that you may not get your money all at once. Nor are you getting quite all of it. Federal tax takes 25% of your money, then between 6-9% goes to your state tax, depending on which state you live in. You’ll be asked whether you want to start annuity payments or whether you want to opt for a lump sum. There are a host of good reasons to opt for a lump sum, especially if you were in debt — like most Americans — before winning the lottery. Opting for the lump sum is a good policy no matter what situation you’re in — if you find yourself with a large amount of money all at once, it can be in your best interest to simply take it all at one time, invest it, sav

Valuing a Small Business for Sale Is an Art, not a Science

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Business valuation tools

There are many reasons a small business owner may want to sell his or her business. The business may have been wildly successful, spurring an offer that makes selling a no-brainer. Another reason is that a longtime owner may have no heirs or employees who want to take over the business and so a sale is an exit strategy. And then there are situations where a sale is forced, either because of a personal issue or a business one. Whatever the reason you are selling your business, you want to get the best possible price, and to do that, you need to use a small business valuation formula to arrive at a price.

There are essentially three ways to value a business for sale. You can look at recent sales of similar-sized businesses in similar industries. Another approach is simply value all the business’ as

I Just Won The Lottery How Can I Make My Money Count?

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Buying an annuity with a lump sum

Looking to buy a new car or trim the fat on your student loans? Consider calculating a structured settlement. With debt stressing out Americans all across the country and monthly expenses always demanding attention, finding smart and easy ways of organizing a secure financial future is essential. While some choose to manage their debt themselves, others choose more reliable methods that ensure they won’t fall into bad habits along the way. Buying an annuity with a lump sum or lo