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How a Business Valuation Firm Can Help With Your Sale

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There are many reasons that someone might choose to sell their small business. They might be ready to move onto other business opportunities or read to retire, they might be struggling to make it work or they might have already made it into a successful business that they are ready to move on. Whatever the reason is, a small business owner may struggle with the details of the sale and on choosing an appropriate valuation model of their company that is fair for both parties. Many small business owners wonder about calculating my business worth. What types of things go into the calculation? Does it matter if you are leaving the new owners with an entire storage room or inventory? Does it matter if the company was successful at one point, but is now losing money? Does it matter where the location

What You Need to Know to Win the IPO Game

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Making the decision to take your company public can be a daunting one. The legal complexities can feel overwhelming and the support and counsel of an IPO company offering IPO services. Navigating those complexities successfully can make all the difference in the IPO process and beyond. Increased publicity and access to additional funds are some of the benefits of an IPO and is often an important part of expanding a business.

After the 1990s when the term initial public offering (IPO) first slipped into everyday speech, interest in IPOs has had significant highs and lows but of late there has been a definite resurgence with 2015 registering the best IPO season since the hype of the 2000s. About 1

Three Reasons Why A Hard Money Loan Could Be For You

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Everyone has a dream in life — whether that means owning a home or opening a small business. Unfortunately, those dreams tend to require a good amount of financial backing. Most of us don’t have the money to lay down immediately. And it goes without saying that buying a home or starting a business requires a good amount of capital. These endeavors usually involve taking out loans. Yet at the same time, many who want to start fresh find themselves rejected by banks. This could be because you’re young and have little credit history. It could be because you don’t have a long history of working a traditional job. Some find themselves with bad credit because they helped a friend out when signing a lease, only to find themselves burned. Others have simply made a mistake or two in the past.