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The Lottery How It Works

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The lottery is the term for state-run gambling. There are a number of different games, some unique to a particular state, some cross many borders. Many people dream of someday winning an enormous payout, but they do not necessarily know how the system works. If you are one of those daydreaming about what to do when you win the lottery, this overview should provide you with the ability to make wise choices.

The Odds

Most people have at least some awareness that the odds are somewhat stacked against them when playing the lottery. This is a fact for the scratch off tickets as well as the games involving the lotto balls. If you were to play the Powerball, for instance, your chances of winning are roughly 292 million to one. Not exactly a dependable retirement plan. The rate of return on l

Is McDonald’s a Good Investment? What Business Valuation Services Might Say

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Everyone is familiar with the golden arches. The past few years, however, haven?t been altogether kind to McDonald?s Corporation. Shifts in consumer tastes have led to a disinterest in the type of ?fast food? McDonald?s has been famous for serving — yet at the same time, McDonald?s efforts to rebrand sections of its menu as ?healthy? have faced increasing competition from chains positioning themselves as upscale fast food, such as Chipotle?s and Five Guys.

So: Is McDonald?s still a good investment, or is the sun finally setting on the power of this global brand? Here?s what business valuation tools might tell you.

What Business Valuation Services Might Say About McDonald?s

According to Profit Confidential, not all is doom and gloom. McDonald?s has been st

Starbucks Continues to be a Strong Investment Choice in 2016

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Starbucks may be one of the most well known brands in the world, but does it still represent a wise investment — as especially as the volatility of coffee crops around the world is causing jitters in even the largest and most robust of coffee shops? Let?s do a business valuation analysis of this well known cafe.

Starbucks: A Strong Investment Story Still

According to Profit Confidential, the answer is yes — all valuation market approaches point to Starbucks being a great investment. The magazine points out that Starbucks is less about the coffee than it is about the branding, and it?s the incredibly strong branding effort that