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Cash Vs Annuity Payments

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Structured settlement purchasers

So you were involved in a large lawsuit or you were lucky enough to win a lottery drawing. You were excited and then you began planning what to do with your planned income. You probably have thought about purchasing a larger home, a nicer car or that motorcycle that you always wanted. That is until you learned that instead of receiving all of the money that you are owed up front; you will be receiving annuity payments or structured settlement payments. This means that you will be receiving smaller monthly payments throughout your life, rather than all in one lump sum. For many obvious reasons, a lump might sound more attractive and make life easier for you. It might enable you to do the many things you planned on doing with your money.

You?ve decided that you would much rather receive all o

How Financial Analysis Can Save Your Business

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Benchmark analysis

It’s a tough fact of life that businesses fail. Although start-up activity in America increased in 2015 according to the Kauffman Foundation, a large proportion of those are destined to fail. Research has found that over 36% will fail in their second year of operation, 44% in year 3 and more than 50% fail by the end of their fourth year in business. A quarter of new businesses fail after just one year.

The reasons for failure vary considerably, but a study that looked at over 14.4 million business closures between 2013 and 2014 found that 0.7% were the result of a lack of personal loans/credit, 1.3% were a result of a lack of business loans/credit, and 5.2% resulted from inadequate cash flow or sales. One of the most-cited (by 46%) reasons for business failure was “Incompetence”. Common problems inclu

Sell Your Annuity for Smart Settlement Spending

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Lottery payments

If you have a structured settlement or annuity, you have the option to sell it for cash. By doing so, you can get the funds in a lump sum payment up front. It might be tempting to spend all the money on lavish vacations and any item you’ve ever dreamed of, but having that lump sum can be greatly beneficial if you’re smart with your spending. Fiscal responsibility is of the utmost importance when you have a lot of money on your hands. Here are three ways you can use your settlement money in the best way possible.

  1. Buy a house.
    If you choose to se