Cash Vs Annuity Payments


Structured settlement purchasers

So you were involved in a large lawsuit or you were lucky enough to win a lottery drawing. You were excited and then you began planning what to do with your planned income. You probably have thought about purchasing a larger home, a nicer car or that motorcycle that you always wanted. That is until you learned that instead of receiving all of the money that you are owed up front; you will be receiving annuity payments or structured settlement payments. This means that you will be receiving smaller monthly payments throughout your life, rather than all in one lump sum. For many obvious reasons, a lump might sound more attractive and make life easier for you. It might enable you to do the many things you planned on doing with your money.

You?ve decided that you would much rather receive all of your money at once, but what can you do about it? You might be able to withdrawal from your owed money, but if you make a withdrawal within the first five to seven years of establishing the annuity, you typically will be hit with surrender chargers of up to 7% of your investment, or even more than that! Nearly half (approximately 48%) of lotto winners are still working after they have won the lottery. Many of them are unable to quit and do the things they want with their monthly payments. It is possible for you to be getting cash for structured settlement. There are companies that will purchase your monthly payments and will provide you with cash for annuity payments. Essentially, they will buy structured settlements, taking over your loan, while providing you with a loan that will be repaid from those payments. A lottery annuity can provide people with much more cash on hand, allowing them to live as if they won the lottery. A lottery payout that comes monthly might prevent you from purchasing a larger home, a better and more expensive car and from gifting or lending money to family and friends.

It has been revealed that ninety-two percent of claimants who sell their structured settlement are satisfied with their decision. They are able to purchase the things they want and finally life comfortably. There are many benefits to receiving cash for annuity payments. Receiving cash for annuity payments will help you to be able to quit your job, you can purchase that dream home and you can have all of your money accessible, when needed.

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