Why Your Workplace Diversity Courses Arent Working

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One of the most common conundrums that organizations face is why their diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs are ineffective. Here are some reasons why your workplace diversity courses aren’t working.

One common issue with the implementation of D&I programs is that there is resistance from employees. Resistance could be caused by several different things; employees don’t believe that actual changes can be made, employees feel victimized, or employees feel singled out as a member of a diverse group.

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Some research has shown that mandatory diversity training may actually lead to more animosity toward other groups following training. A common strategy that companies utilize is to incorporate D&I programs to simply check the box. Simply having a D&I program does not guarantee it will be effective. D&I programs should be aimed at changing behaviors. As previously stated, D&I programs are often introduced as a reactionary measure following a particular problem or incident. If the first time you are putting attention on a D&I program is immediately after an issue arises, this can come across as inauthentic and may lead to the aforementioned diversity fatigue. Lastly, if your upper leadership is not devoting their time and attention to it, this attitude will be passed on to the employees.

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