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Your home is a big investment. It only makes sense. It is where you will spend a majority of your life. It is important to have a place that you can really call home. This is a place that you want to take care of and cherish.

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Some people spend lavish amounts of money on their home to make it uniquely theirs. However, you can both spend your money wisely, and upgrade your house at the same time. In this video, you will learn about the various types of roofs that are available to you from commercial roofing companies.

With so many types of roofs available, which is the cheapest? As far as pure cost is concerned, shingles are the cheapest by far. They are only half the price as metal roofs. Other roofs such as cedar and rubber are even more expensive. The most expensive roof material is clay. Even so, initial price is not the only factor to consider.

Wind plays a major factor in determining the lifespan of your roof. Roofs that are designed to withstand wind generally last longer. They also have fewer leaks which saves in maintenance costs. Metal is the best option when it comes to wind resistance because it is all connected together as one large piece. This is unlike shingles where the wind can disturb individual shingles.


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