Good Ideas Make For Good Business Gains

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Retail displays

The demand for online shopping has steadily but surely been growing as the years have worn on. People are far too busy to do all their shopping in store, and online shopping is far too convenient, it was a combination destined for greatness. Or disaster, if you’re a brick and mortar retail store.

In having to compete with online shopping, retail stores have to resort to almost drastic measures, at worst, and simply come up with creative retail display ideas, at best.

Indeed, getting customers to the store is only half the battle; if they don’t purchase anything in your store, then it’s almost the same as them not having come out to begin with. So once a customer is in the store, it’s important to be able to catch their attention with a creative retail display or two. Whether these displays include flyer holders, metal display signs, pedestal sign holders, suction cup signs, vinyl sign holders, or anything in between, it’s important to be sure both that they’re properly signed and are eye catching.

In addition to having a creative retail display, you should also be sure that the prices of said items are clearly and properly displayed; studies have shown that merchandise that is properly signed sells 18-20% better than merchandise that is not properly signed. And considering signs cost, on average, between 3-37 cents to make a piece, last around a year, and tend to reach 1,000 customers in that time, it’s a much more affordable than an ad or commercial would be.

It’s also been shown that somewhere between six and ten in store purchases classify as impulse buys, and that 16% of these buys were because of eye catching displays. In addition, customers tend to decide in as little as three to seven seconds whether or not to buy something in your store or go to a competitor to buy it.

Given all that, is it any wonder coming up with good creative retail display ideas is as good a business move as any? It’s a cheap and effective way to help your store stay in business, and you stay in the job.

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