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The Right Time to Hire a CFO

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Careers in corporate finance

Starting out a small business, the staff members often wear many hats, especially the boss. When there’s not enough money to hire a full staff, a few people must handle many responsibilities. But as the company grows and becomes more successful, it becomes necessary to hire additional employees to handle the task load. Fortunately, this also means the company is bringing in more money, and is able to support a larger staff.

One of the financial jobs that is often overlooked is that of a chief financial officer, or CFO. A CFO not only handles the corporation’s financial responsibilities, such as accounting, treasury, and tax functions, but they also act as a partner to the chief executive officer, or CEO.

Signs It’s Time to Hire a Chief Financial Officer

The Benefits of Having a Free Checking Account

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There are several advantages to opening and having a bank account, whether it be a free checking account, a senior checking account, or an investment savings account such as a money market account. Nearly all small businesses have a small business checking account in order to expedite their day to day business operations such as processing transactions and payroll.

Regardless of the kind of account, it sure beats stashing money away under the mattress — or in the mattress — providing a safe and secure way of storing and withdrawing money. Free checking accounts are offered at nearly all banks, credit unions,

5 Tips for Safely Selling Gold Online

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Cash for gold

If you’re looking at how to sell gold, you’ve likely found that there are many options. In the Internet age, no doubt one of the most appealing ways is online; it’s easy, since all you need to do is make some arrangements on a website and weigh your gold on a kitchen scale for a quote before sending it off and receiving money. But if you’d like to sell gold online, here are a few tips to keep in mind first:

  1. Comparison Shop

    Even if you do eventually decide to sell your gold via the Internet, start locally if you’d like to get a fair price. Go to several shops in your area (all on the same day, since prices fluctuate with the market) and ask for assessments. If one of