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Move Over Visa, Smartphones Are Taking Your Place

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International ecommerce account

Debit and credit cards are becoming a thing of the past. Well, maybe not the past, but they are certainly stepping aside, making way for mobile payment processing. Several restaurants in Canada, the United States, England and Australia have opened their financial doors to accept payments that can be sent straight to a mobile program.

These programs or mobile apps can be linked to area restaurants, stores, salons, and other business establishments. In a restaurant, once a user is signed into the app, they can order their food and receive

How to Properly Invest in the Stock Market

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Stock investment tips

Did you know that the NASDAQ was the first electronic stock exchange? The NASDAQ was created in 1971, and it focuses on the trading of OTC stocks. The stock market can bring a hefty return when you invest properly, so it is important to decide which stock markets to invest in. By determining which options are right for you, you will be able to experience the benefits of investing in stock markets.

1. Which stock markets to invest in. When investors use terms such as large-cap vs. small-cap, energy vs. technology, and growth vs. value, it can be overwhelming to choose which stocks to invest in. Fortunately, there are ways to determine which stocks are right for y

A Few Simple Stock Market Investment Tips For Beginners

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Investment for beginners

Stock market investment is not as glamorous as people would like to think. Of course, you could get lucky, invest correctly, and get rich quick. But this is often rare, and is not the reality of how to become a competent investor. Investment take time, effort, and patience, as well as a solid understanding of how stocks work. This might sound daunting, but by following these 3 major stock market investing basics, you will be on your way to becoming an investment expert.

1. Do Your Research – There are several different options available to you in term