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Should You Buy Investment Property?

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How to invest in reits

If you’re looking for a new career or simply another way to make money, the commercial real estate market might be perfect for you: according to research from IBIS World, there are around 2,344,134 commercial real estate businesses in the United States. Between them, the industry employs an estimated 4,308,177 people. The commercial real estate market offers a unique opportunity for business-minded individuals; however, you may be asking yourself “what is commercial real estate and should I invest in real estate?”

Commercial real estate is property strictly used for business purposes; it typically consists of office space, industrial property, restaurants or retail buildings, or multi-family housing units. A real estate investment trust, or REI, takes advantage of these properties by buying, remodeling

Is Your Restaurant Losing More Money Than It Brings In? Hire an Accountant!

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Accounting tips and tricks

The overall success of any business is usually determined by revenue and profits. An increase in clientele, consumers, and customers are also indicative of achievement, but ultimately, the financial numbers are what businesses owners track the most. This is for good reason, as cash flow dictates every aspect of a company, from purchasing quality equipment, to hiring seasoned employees, to overhead costs.

But it is not always easy to keep all these aspects of a business straight, clear, and organized, especially in a restaurant. There are patrons coming and going, employees to manage, supplies to replenish, and overall profits to monitor. As a result, restaurants squander money every year because of poor money management and accounting. In fact, studies show that about a quarter of all restaurants c