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Cash-Only Doesn’t Exist in the Digital Marketplace

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This year, Americans are expected to spend around $296.7 billion online. Next year, projections show that they will spend nearly $339 billion and by 2017 that number will swell to $432.4 billion, according to stats compiled by Invesp. The incredible growth of the digital marketplace means that it provides tremendous opportunities for businesses looking to expand. However, without being able to accept online payments smoothly, taking advantage of them will be impossible. Fortunately, there is plenty of readily-available technology and programs that make it easy for businesses to accept credit cards online.

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Are You Struggling to Make Smart Investments?

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Over half of all Americans, according to CNN, have investments. Why? As Investopedia suggests, the number one reason Americans choose to invest is so they don’t have to spend their entire lives working. Providing for their children is also a huge motivation.

Investing is an important part of securing your future, but investing smartly is far easier said than done. Even if you have a general understanding of investment theory, the stock markets, and a basic knowledge of balancing risk against reward, it’s not going to be enough for ensuring gain while protecting yourself from loss. Using a certified financial advisor, often referred to as a financial planner, however, can improve your chances of successfully investing.

What is a Financial Planner?
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