Why This Piping Will Save You Money

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You could be saving money simply by the piping you choose. Yes, that is right. There is a type of piping that is far superior to all the rest. In this video, you will learn what type of piping you should have your plumbing repair service install.

You may be thinking that copper piping is a great option. This used to be true. It was the most popular choice for many years.

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In fact, it is the oldest type of piping that is still used. However, it is expensive and difficult to install.

Instead, you will want to choose PEX piping to save money. It comes in several types. For example, there is PEX A and PEX B piping. Each has its own unique uses. You can ask your plumber more about them. Here, the important thing to know is that PEX is much cheaper than copper to purchase and install. It also should last nearly as long as copper as well. This makes it a perfect choice should you need new piping. It will end up saving you a ton of money.


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