Selling Structured Annuities


Selling lottery payments

Sell annuity payments for cash and kick-start the life you?ve been daydreaming about! Instead of waiting for the structured settlement schedule to subsidize your current life, cash in and do something new and exciting. Selling your annuity payments can get you cash to invest in a new business or buy a home? or a sailboat or an RV.

The truth is, most Americans are in debt; far more so than they realize or admit. The average U.S. household carries approximately $15,000 in debt, and pays over $6,000 in interest each year. A recent survey discovered that only 37.4% of credit card holders pay their minimum balance each month. So the most important thing you can do with a sudden windfall, whether it be from winning the lottery or from a legal settlement of some kind, is pay your debt and get your budget under control. However, structured settlement annuity benefits are often not enough to break the cycle of debt. One solution is selling your annuity payments in exchange for a lump sum of cash.

There are specialty financial management firms that can tell you how to get money from a settlement now, and then how to invest your money and manage your finances from that point forward, so that you can not only reduce debt, but also make some of your dreams come true. There are many different ways to invest your money, from partnering in new businesses to buying art, but selling your annuity payments is the first step.

Remember that you don?t have to sell the whole thing; you can sell a portion of your annuity payments. Once you decide, it?s not difficult. First, you research and select a financial institution that handles selling annuities. Then, you make a court appearance to explain your reasons for selling your structured settlement, submit all the required paperwork, and then receive your funds.After that, it?s just a matter of wise financial management and careful investment.

So what will you do with the money? First, of course, you’ll pay off your debt. Then, it’s a matter of what interests you, what you’d like to put your time and money into. Just as you sought financial advice in selling your annuity payments, continue to seek advice in investing your money.

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