Is Your Retail Business Looking for a Way to be More Accurate, Efficient, and Secure?

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Even the most trusted employees can become the victims of temptation. Even the most trusted employees, if facing undo hardship and financial stress, can be tempted by large amounts of cash that they can easily access. On the flip side, even the most trusting business owners can be quick to blame employees when mistakes are made. Even the most trusting business owners can doubt the reliability of a seasoned worker when cash drawers do not reconcile. Using old fashioned cash registers and hand counting by employees can be a set up for both employee temptation and employer distrust. As a realist, many retail business owners have switched to secure cash counting machines that provide both electronic coin sorter and counter functions and a electronic cash recycling system. These systems, which can also include a fraud-fighter counterfeit machine, are an answer to businesses looking for a system that saves time, reduces error, and eliminates theft.
Cash Recycling Systems Allow Employees to Focus on Customers and Eliminate Counting Errors
A currency counting machine is a device that counts all kinds of money, whether they are stacks of banknotes or loose collections of coins. The most advanced cash counting machines are able to identify and validate both paper and coin currency. During the verification process, theses machines are also able to keep a running total of the cash that has been collected during the day. As a result of this running total, these registers are also able to simultaneously use a cash recycling system to dispense needed change and allow for deposits that do not require hand counting and deposit envelopes.
A locked cash drawer eliminates the temptation of theft. A locked cash drawer that does not need to be opened and recounted before deposits further eliminates temptation.
The cash management software in today’s cash counters not only eliminates the opportunity for theft, it also saves time. Counting money by hand is a slow process. In addition to being slow, it is also a process that has to be repeated more than once to ensure accuracy. A double counting policy means that two employees are tied up for the counting process. An automated machine, however, greatly reduces the number of hours that are required to ensure accuracy.
Today’s Employee Cash Counting Skills Are Not the Same as Employee Skills of the Past
In a time of tap and pay cell phone payment options, fewer and fewer people possess the skills needed to accurately count cash and make change. While making change may have been a skill that many job applicants have had in the past, this is not always the case any more. The increasing use of payment cards also reduces the number of people who have experience with cash. As a result, many businesses are moving toward cash counting machines that eliminate the need for any employee to deal with cash. And while this may initially seem like a step toward complete automation, the reality is completely different. In fact, employees who do not have to focus on making change can actually return to the even greater skill of building customer relations. Getting to know customers on a one on one basis is the upside to eliminating the need for cash counting and change making.
Customers who make a one on one connection with business employees are more likely to return that business. Businesses that provide a system for accurate cash handling also encourage customer loyalty. All business owners want to be able to trust their employees. On the flip side, the most loyal employees want to earn that trust. The businesses that take the time and make the effort to install machines that help the trust and accuracy process not only serve their business well, they are also serving their employees. Putting checks and balances into place and eliminating the threat of error or theft create a healthy and profitable working environment. Cash counting machines and cash recycling systems allow for all of these benefits. If your business continues to use an outdated register system, it may be time to upgrade your system.

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