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Moving is exciting, but at the same time, it can be stressful. Think of boxing all the household items and picking a trusted moving company. And after arriving at the new location, you’ll have to organize the new house. If you are not prepared, it can be tiring and a bigger financial burden to bear. Luckily, we have a better way to move tips to save money.

Estimate the Moving Cost

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a client is to fall for any moving company you first meet. You must know the pricing in your area before hiring moving services. Most of the time, you may find unprofessional movers who want to make a profit fast. So, they will give you a higher quote, and you may pay even twice the price.

Pricing research is a preparation for a better way to move. Consult several professional movers in your area and get different pricing. Afterward, sit and compare to determine the average before choosing the best one. But online research would be a better option for you.

According to statistics, there are 17,154 moving service companies in the United States in 2023, a growth of 0.4% from 2022. Considering the number of United States citizens, researching online will be easier than meeting them in person. Luckily, we have online moving calculators to help you gauge the moving price proximity.

In the calculator, you enter the list of bulky items like furniture. You must also enter the distance you want to move and the locations. There is also other special information you will enter as requested. Finally, the calculator will give you an estimate to help you find a price-friendly local mover.

Borrow Moving Supplies

According to statistics, 9.8% of Americans move annually. That totals 15.3 million households with an average size of 2 to 3 family members. The statistics add that 3 million of these people move interstate. That said, you will never lack two or three friends or family members who regularly move.

A better way to move is to avoid buying moving supplies. You can get them from people around you. Consider asking neighbors and friends to assist you with moving boxes. Alternatively, visit the nearby shops or supermarkets and ask for used boxes to hold items during transport.

Moving supplies can add to your moving budget, depending on the size of your house. For instance, reports show that a studio apartment requires boxes worth around $35 to $50. On the other hand, if you live in a one-bedroom apartment, you can pay from $61 to $85. And for a two-bedroom apartment, you can pay around $73 to $100 for moving boxes.

However, that was just an estimation considering the number of items each apartment can hold. Your household items determine the actual number of boxes. For instance, if you have heavy items like CDS, canned goods, and books, you will require more boxes.

Sell the Excess

In a study, 50% of Americans said they feel overwhelmed by the number of items in their houses. An average American household has 42 items they no longer use, estimated at around 5.3 billion items. Women were reported to have over 35% more unused items than men. As such, you can hire professional cleaners to help you gather the items you don’t use and sell.

Surprisingly, there are numerous ways to make money when moving. Yes. Sell old computer equipment for cash and use it to pay for the moving services. The cooking pots you don’t use anymore and the clothes can also give you quick cash. What of the old television you don’t use? All these items will take up the moving truck space and cost you more.

When it comes to selling unused items to facilitate a better way to move, you have options like the garage or estate sale. These are not meant for only deceased people; they can also help you move easily. Set your items on the roadside near your home and sell them to people who may get interested. An old unused sofa can help someone with less money purchase a new one.

Second, sell broken gold jewelry online using special apps and earn money for easy moving. Normally, we have high-value broken gold items that we don’t use anymore. You’d want to convert these items into money rather than stick them in the moving truck.

The third and most effective tip to facilitate a better way to move is listing your unused items to the neighborhood Facebook community. Most Facebook groups have over 100,000 members, and you may always have a few interested in your items.

Donate Bulky Items You Can’t Sell

Sometimes, you may be in a hurry to move and fail to sell all the bulky items. Donate them to welfare organizations or thrift shops. A local lawn company can help you reach these shops because they have information about their operation area. Alternatively, you can research online and request them to pick from your home.

Some of the companies may take more time to come and pick up the items. You can load your car with the items and drive to their store. Usually, these shops or welfare organizations have drive-through doors into enclosed hallways where people drop the items. This will facilitate a faster and a better way to move without waiting for their delayed pickup.

If any items are left after selling and donation, call for a garbage hauling service. A garbage hauling service can do away with them by sorting out different items and choosing which can benefit them. For instance, they can sell scrap metals to a nearby scrap metal recycling center.

Utilize Media Mail Shipping

Books can be bulky therefore adding more charges to your moving budget. If you can’t load them in your car, utilize the media mail. The United States Postal Service offers Media Mail shipping as an easier and a better way to move your books. In fact, many people who regularly ship educational materials around the Unites States prefer this option.

Get a box to pack your books or CDs, provided they don’t exceed 70 pounds. The postal service provides the package’s recommended dimensions and the packaging rules. After packing the items, you wrap your package and address it correctly. For instance, if you are moving to a specific area, you address it on the package.

Visit the nearest post office and pay for shipping. Normally, the postal charges are $2.72 for one pound. But if you ship many pounds, you can pay as little as $0.50 per pound. That would total to around $35 for a 70-pound package. You will get a certified mailing receipt which includes USPS tracking. Using media mail shipping will facilitate a better way to move without incurring high book costs.

Move During Off Season

A study revealed that most Americans move from mid-May through mid-September. This is when movers hike the moving charges because the demand is higher. In fact, you can end up paying twice or thrice the standard charges. As such, you would save if you moved during the off-season.

The off-season is from mid-September to April. This season gives availability and scheduling flexibility to the movers because there is less demand in the market. Although moving can be facilitated by personal preferences and situations, every season has benefits and drawbacks. We will analyze every season for you.

Summer moves are the busiest. People prefer to move during this season because schools are closed, and they can move easily with kids. Secondly, the weather is favorable for driving. Additionally, Summer month is when leases end and begin, so homeowners may want to vacate and give buyers a chance to find a new home. However, moving charges are high during this month.

Spring moves become difficult because of the rainy days. Moreover, schools are open, making it harder for homeowners to transition. If you are lucky to move on a fairly mild day, it will be better since there is no competition for movers.

Winter is the scariest season to move. Driving becomes difficult due to cold and dark days. Also, packing the boxes into the truck becomes challenging because of the slippery ground. Winter moving requires preparation and safety. Otherwise, you may be in danger or incur many losses.

Fall moves have challenges, just like the other seasons. For instance, the influx of students could make apartment hunting difficult if you move near a college or campus. If you have school-going kids, they will miss classes, and you’d spend more time finding new schools for them. This will cost you more money considering you also need to settle fast.

Pack the Items Yourself

Packaging rates vary with the movers and the number of people you need. Most movers will charge you for transport and packaging. To avoid all these charges, you can attentively pack your items in boxes and ease the work. And once the movers arrive, they will only load the items in the truck.

Further, you can seek assistance from your friends and family to pack the household items in the boxes. This idea will facilitate a better way to move because movers won’t take time at your home, especially if you’re moving a long distance. However, you’d want to recruit your friends because items must be packed in order.

Ideally, start with the items you won’t need immediately after arriving at your destination. Also, keep similar items together to avoid hard times unpacking them. For instance, you can pack kitchen items together and each person’s clothes. You can buy stickers and label each box for easier identification.

Regarding loading, request the moving company team to load larger items like the furniture and appliances first. This will give you an easy time identifying all your items.

Consider Moving Yourself

A discount car rental that you will drive yourself can help you save money when moving. But you must understand how much stuff you have and the type of vehicle you’ll hire. For example, a van can fit most of the home items if you don’t have long sofas. You can drive it for a few trips with family members helping you load and offload.

Car rental is best if you want a better way to move. In fact, there are 4,318 car rental businesses in the United States in 2023, an increase of 5.3% from 2022. This allows you to find the best vans or trucks for hire. Generally, it can cost you $60 to hire a truck in a day. But ensure you have a commercial driver’s license.

Look for Professional Movers (Avoid Cheap Movers)

Professional movers will ensure your items have arrived on time. But if you hire any cheap mover, you may pay more than you budgeted. Most unprofessional companies will have hidden charges that they reveal to you after transporting your items. They may also lack insurance to cover your items in case of loss.

When your house items delay getting to the destination on time, you will have to spend more time in hotels. Unprofessional movers can hold your items hostage and force you to pay additional charges.

Avoid Staying in Hotels During Moving Period

You can spend around $100 to $300 in most hotels daily. That includes lunch, supper, breakfast, and a private night room. This can add to your moving costs, especially if you transport the house items long distances.

Ideally, ask your friends or family to host you or look after your kids and pets before the movers organize the house for you to move in. This will help you save hundreds of dollars you would spend on hotels or equipment rentals to provide for your family’s basic needs.

Ask Your Company for Relocation Compensation

If you have found a job in a foreign state or a new location, ask the company if you would get relocation compensation. You’d be surprised to learn most companies offer moving compensation for their employees. This will save you more money than you would use to hire professional movers.

A better way to move is to be organized. Research which moving company will offer you the best charges. Moreover, avoid the peak season unless you need to move on an emergency case. And be careful of your safety if you choose a winter move.

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