How to Determine How Much Your Gold is Worth Before You Sell It

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Gold is a beautiful substance with a rich history of being a unit of trade all around the world. It comes in many forms, such as a roll of gold coins, jewelry, and other bars and bullion. The most important factors in valuing gold are the karat grade and weight. The karat grade indicates what percentage of the compound is pure gold, and the weight tells you exactly how much you have. Gold, as well as all other precious metals, is most commonly traded in troy ounces. These differ from standard ounces since they equal about 31.1 grams. That makes them almost three grams heavier than a standard ounce.

It’s important to be as informed as possible before you sell or buy gold bullion. It comes in a variety of sizes, from a gram gold bar to a 4 oz gold bar and even a 25 oz gold bar! A million dollar gold bar would weigh a whopping 34.9 pounds at today’s prices as of May 2023. Always know the current spot price of gold so that you can properly evaluate any offers for your gold.

You’ve likely seen commercials and news reports touting the benefits of selling your gold for cash now, while prices are still at record highs. And while it is highly profitable to sell gold coins and sell gold jewelry, it’s also important to know how to sell gold before you actually go to sell it.

The first step in knowing how to sell your gold is making sure you know how much your valuables are worth on your own. And don’t worry — it’s easier than you might think!

To find out how much your collection is worth before you sell your gold, take a look at these four steps to calculating the value of your gold.

1. Weigh it: The first step in determining your gold’s value is finding out its weight in troy ounces, the measuring unit used for gold. You can find inexpensive gold weighing scales online, or you can use your scale at home and convert its weight in grams or ounces to troy ounces.

2. Find out its karats: When selling gold jewelry, the karat value of a piece of jewelry is important in determining its value. The karat value can normally be found marked somewhere on the jewelry, usually on the inside of a ring or bracelet band. You can also purchase home testing kits that figure out the gold’s karat value before you sell your gold.

3. Use an online gold value calculator: Once you know your gold’s weight and karats, you can enter these numbers into any of the many free online gold value calculators available. This calculation will give you the value of your gold, which you can bring to buyers when looking to sell your gold!

4. Have it appraised: The best place to sell gold will always offer free appraisals of your gold collection, in which they will give you an estimate of how much they’d pay for your gold. It’s important to get a handful of appraisals from different places that buy gold. This way, you can compare the offers and ultimately sell your gold to the highest offer. More like this article:

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