How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost Each Month?

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While personal trainers may not be obligated to have insurance, it serves as a crucial safety net against potential liabilities. It’s a common misconception that forgoing insurance is a cost-saving measure. In reality, personal trainer insurance is often quite affordable and can provide extensive coverage. The YouTube channel Insurance Canopy effectively illustrates the necessity of this protection.

How Much Does Personal Trainer Insurance Cost?
Surprisingly, personal trainer insurance can cost as little as $10. When compared to legal fees for one case, that is nothing.

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The total amount paid out each year would be less than $150. Just one hour with a lawyer often costs more than that. 

Are There Other Costs For Insurance?
It’s important to note that expanding your insurance coverage can lead to additional costs. While standard insurance is a good starting point, you can also consider purchasing additional protections. This can broaden the range of issues covered and provide a more comprehensive safeguard. As a personal trainer, it might be beneficial to consider these options, which could increase your costs by only $5 to $10. 

The Bottom Line
Insurance is not just a luxury, but a necessity for personal trainers. Those who choose to skip it often find themselves regretting their decision, especially when faced with unexpected court fees. We sincerely hope that this information has shed light on the importance and affordability of personal trainer insurance, urging you to consider it seriously.

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