5 Things You Can do with Cash for Annuity Payments

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Structured settlement annuity benefits

Thinking of selling your structured settlement annuity? Whether you have an annuity settlement from a lawsuit, or you’re on the better side of luck and you’re looking at a lottery annuity, there are plenty of reasons why you could use a lump sum versus annuity. Cash for annuity payments could open any number of doors that you didn’t know were available to you. And with 92% of people who have sold their structured settlement being happy with their choice to get cash for annuity payments, it’s worth considering.

What to do, where to spend…

Upwards of $6 million every year is used to finance brand new structured settlements. And on average the payment for a structured settlement is $324,000. So where should that chunk of money go once you get cash for annuity payments?

Something practical

  • Getting out of debt

    Just about everyone can identify with the burden of debt, whether it’s from credit cards, medical bills, or simply the struggle to keep up with the daily grind. Imagine a life without that constant feeling of being behind!
  • Buying a home

    That dream lake cottage? That house with more than one bathroom and a large yard for your growing family? A space to call your own? All are possible. Picture a life without roommates or landlords.
  • Investing in the future

    If you had the means to start up a business, yes, where you are the boss, what would it look like? Or perhaps you would like to go back to school but college tuition has always been an obstacle. The sky is the limit. You could set yourself up for success.

Something fun!

  • Buying a new car

    It could be a newer version of what you already had. Who doesn’t like an upgrade? Or that flashy set of wheels you never thought you’d get to call your own. How about that new car smell?
  • Traveling, exploring, and adventuring

    Whether it is a journey you’ve made before that you’d love to make again or somewhere brand new, the opportunity for movement and discovery is always one that should be grasped wholeheartedly. And it could be yours for the taking.

These are just the beginning. If you can picture the change you want in your life, you have taken the first step to make it a reality. You can start working toward morphing that visualization into actualization. Research more like this.

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