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Renting Out Commercial Real Estate The Basics

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It can be difficult to navigate the waters of commercial real estate. While residential property owners can go online and list their properties with relatively little work — and even rent them without the interference of a property manager in some cases — this is not the case for those that own commercial properties. However you came to own commercial real estate, renting it out can be another issue entirely. Certainly, there aren’t many advertisements for commercial properties “for rent by owner”, and with good reason. It can be difficult to advertise storefronts for rent, for example, and even more difficult to manage that pro

Five Reasons to Invest In Commercial Real Estate

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Investing is a necessity for any adult interested in advancing their life and living a comfortable life in retirement. There are many types of investments and many industries that will happily, even gratefully, accept the money of those that choose to invest. Every industry has different reasons for investment and one with unique reasons that lures the interest of many is that of commercial real estate. These five reasons to invest in commercial real estate alone should explain to anyone why it is such a tempting option.

  1. Higher Regular Income: Of course, many investments yield some degree of income, but stock dividends are usually not going to approach that available in commercial real estate investing. Continue Reading No Comments

How to Keep Moms Happy, Conspiracy Theorists Quiet and Customers Loyal

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Approximately 43% of Americans prefer to use their debit cards and 35% like credit cards better. What about cash? A mere 9% opted for cash and this study was done two years ago. It’s likely even less now. But believe it or not, there are still small businesses that do not accept cards. I went to drop off my dry cleaning the other day from a place my friend recommended and they only accepted cash and it was payment up front so I literally couldn’t get my clothes cleaned because I didn’t have any cash on me. The problem with that method is, when I run errands, I usually have two small children with me. That means that I’m not making more stops than I need to. I’d rather find a different cleaners that accepts card so I don’t have to run an extra errand every time I need clothes dry cleaned. So, the