Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Pre Settlement Loan

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Structured settlement cash now

You are injured on the job are are unable to continue working. You get into a car wreck that renders you unable to do your job. Do you lose your job for unlawful reasons. Whatever the cause is for your personal injury lawsuit, in most cases, you’ve been out of work for a long time and are in desperate financial position. Your lawsuit could take months or even years to finalize before you see one copper penny from your settlement. Fortunately, because your situation is so common, pre settlement loans were designed to help people in your exact position. The following list of frequently asked questions will help you get an overview of the pre settlement loan benefits and considerations so that you can determine if it is the best move for you.

What is a pre settlement loan?

Should You Sell Your Annuity Payments?

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Selling lottery payments

Whether you’re dealing with lottery payments, a structured settlement resulting from a lawsuit, or an annuity plan used in lieu of traditional retirement plans, it can be difficult and frustrating to know that you technically have a lot of money in your possession but you aren’t able to use it. Maybe you’re dealing with emergency medical bills, or maybe you’ve just decided that it’s time to go back to school and earn another degree; whatever your financial needs may be, if you’ve got an annuity settlement but your monthly (or yearly) payments just aren’t cutting it, selling