A Look At Common Audits In The United States

Written by Chris on . Posted in Business advisory services, Corporate audit and assurance services, Corporate audits

As any accountant here in the United States likely knows, audits are incredibly common both here as well as overseas. After all, audits really do come in all shapes and sized. From the SEO compliance audit to SEC compliance audits in China to many other types of audits, the use of business advisory services in China as well as in the United States (and many other parts of the world where the United States does business) are hugely important.

After all, the IRS, the organization that conducts these audits such as the SEO compliance audit, has free reign over who they choose to audit. When it comes to business tax returns, any business tax return within three years of filing can be subject to an audit at the hands of the IRS. In many ways, this is how corporate audits and the typical SEO compliance audit (among many other types of audits too, of course) originally occur. If back taxes are found