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Injured? Receive a Structured Settlement

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What are annuities

Accidents always happen — we are only human after all. But when an accident happens are injuries are involved, its time to get serious about how to recover, and recovery isn’t just about heading to the hospital. Those who are injured on the job often receive structured settlement cash, with more than a third of personal injury claimants being offered a structured settlement.

Structured settlements are widely used in liability or injury cases; they are a financial or insurance arrangement made by the claimant and insurance company in order to receive periodic payments on a fixed schedule. Structured settlement money is either distributed via these periodic payments, or can simply be paid out as a structured settlement lump sum.

A lump sum payment is when the claimant asks the insurance company to

How to Keep Your Books Balanced Year-Round

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International reporting

As your small business grows, you need to find the right CPA accounting firm to ensure you are making all of the right financial decisions. Thanks to a growing global economy, there are plenty of opportunities to manage your money. Learn from a financial services audit and take care of your money.

As just another indication of China’s growing economy and influence in the world, a recent study found there are an estimated 4,575 businesses offering accountant services in China. There are a variety of bookkeeping services to keep your companies finances balanced. The right advisory